No one was indifferent to the brightness (shine-out) and quality of this interactive floor with 6×3 mts, sporting LED technology!

This action, which was held for the duration of a week in March, provided to all the BTL (Lisbon Tourism Fair) visitors the enjoyment of a solution presented for the first time in public: an interactive floor “Shine-Out LED”!

This virtual interactive floor solution consisted of a LED screen placed on the floor, with an area of 6×3 meters, where the logo of the stand/booth promoting company is displayed. When people walk over it, this image is deconstructed leaving videos and 2D animations visible.

LED technology can be used in the floor, instead of the more conventional video projection allowing all the usual shadows on the ground to be completely eliminated. The strong brightness of the fair environment did not influence at all this new high brightness system and the images presented were consistent and of high quality, not at all affected.

Several interactive multi-touch tables where one could browse through the portfolio and services of the promoting company completed the range of interactive solutions presented.